Best laptop for editing under 60000 in 2023

Hello! if you are searching for best laptop for editing under 60000. In this article, we are going to share with you some laptops which you can easily buy and get them below the range of Rs 60000. So that you can do gaming, editing etc. well, then in this list you will be given top 3 laptops in which you can easily do editing and gaming with very good performance in the range below Rs 60000 .because some of people who need a laptop very much but they are not able to afford such a high price that they can buy such an expensive laptop, that is why today we have listed some such laptops for you which you can buy at an affordable price. And you can buy it with good features.

So let me tell you that if you want a pc for gaming and editing well, these laptops are very good laptops, you get to see good features in them and The three laptops that I am going to tell you about in this list are very good performing laptops. you can compare their specs as well performance to ger best according to your need.

Top 3 laptop for editing under 60000

  • HP Victus 15-fa1132TX (8U6Z8PA) Laptop
laptop for editing under 60000

This laptop comes first in our top 3 list. It is available with I5 processor. If we talk about its generation, you will get to see this 12th generation laptop. You will get Window 11 in it. You will get 8GB of RAM in it. You will get to see and you will get a 4GB graphics card in the wedding. Talking about the design, it has a 15.6 inch display and weighs 2 kg. You are getting a 512 GB SD card and you will get a battery with 3 lithium cells. If we talk about its price, its price is not very high and it is not cheap either. You will get its price around Rs. 60000 on Amazon or Flipkart.

  • Asus TUF Gaming F17 FX706HF-HX018W Laptop
laptop for editing under 60000

This Asus laptop comes second in our top 3 list. If we talk about its performance, it has I5 processor of 11th generation. You will get Windows 11 in it and you get 8GB of RAM at 2.7 GHz. You will get 2GB display and 4GB graphics card in it. If we talk about design, it has a 17.3 inch display. You will get 2 kg weight in it and you will get 512GB SD. According to me, if you want to buy it then buy it. To buy it, you will have to pay Rs. 57000 on Flipkart, Amazon, Yes, its price is Rs. 57000, which is a very operable price, considering the features of this laptop, Rs. 57000 is not too much, you can easily buy it. can buy from

  • Asus TUF Gaming F15 FX506HF-HN024WS Laptop
laptop for editing under 60000

Talking about Asus F15, there is not much difference in it, you will get to see the features, only you will get to see the difference in the inches of the display, more than that, there is not much difference between this laptop F17 and F15, with its performance generation window 11, you will get Will be seen and will be seen with 8GB RAM and 4GB graphics card which is similar to F17. Talking about the design, a 15.6 inch design is being seen and its weight is 2.3 K, with SSC of 512 GB. Also you get to see this laptop. If we talk about its price, its market price is Rs 59000, which you will easily get on Amazon or Flipkart. If we talk about the difference between F17 and F15, then there is no big difference in it. No, you can buy F17 as well as F15, both will give you the same performance.

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CONCLUSION: These were some such laptops which you can easily buy and you will get to see them at very low prices which Amazon and Flipkart are offering at very low prices and if we talk about their features then they are very amazing. You get to see these laptops with features. The three laptops in our list are very good laptops. I would recommend that you definitely buy them. If you want to buy a good laptop, then select one of these three laptops. If we talk about their problems, then there is no problem in them, it is just that they have all the features, you will get to see maximum difference in display, so you can Laptops are also available at low prices, buy them directly and enjoy your laptop.

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